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Seven Ways to Celebrate Shakespeare's Month

by Mylene Almeida April 01, 2016 0 Comments


Let us carry out a simple experiment. Approach 10 people you know and ask them who is the most famous author they know. I bet you a bookmark, or two, that a large percentage of them will mention William Shakespeare; deservingly so, since there has been no other author as prolific, engaging, and imaginative as this literary representative of the English people. His authorship may be disputed, his masterpieces somewhat inaccessible due to the complexity of Elizabethan English, but his mastery and superiority is impossible to argue against.
Shakespeare left us on April 23rd, 1616. This April, exactly 400 years after his death, let us celebrate his greatness together with these 7 deeply engaging activities; you’ll be glad you did.

Read a Sonnet

“Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?” “Let us not to the marriage of true minds admit impediments” So simple, yet so romantic. Have you ever read a Shakespearean sonnet? If you’re curious about his work but discouraged by the slight inaccessibility of his plays, give one sonnet a try; use an online guide explaining the passage if you need to. I’m confident you’ll be thirsting for more and diving into Julius Caesar and A Midsummer’s Night Dream soon thereafter.

Visit Shakespeare's Globe

Every year around the month of April Shakespeare's Globe theater opens its summer season. Many of Shakespeare’s plays are performed by talented actors and watching one live is an unforgettable treat, a very unique experience that will last a lifetime. Can you imagine what audiences felt when watching The Tempest for the first time?

This summer season commences on April 30th and ends on October 16th.

Watch a Shakespeare Play on Demand

If you do not live in London or find it impossible to attend, visit Globe Player, a wonderful service where you may watch a large selection of Shakespeare’s plays on demand. There’s a small fee if you decide to watch an entire play, but they also have some free content worth a visit.

Perform a Scene

Raise your hand. Who in this audience has never recited a line or two from Shakespeare? Someone? Anyone? Whether you have children at home or not, and regardless of your age, performing a simple scene from your favorite Shakespeare play in front of the family on a weekend is immensely fun! Who knows, you may soon realize there is an artist in the family.

Book Club Shakespeare Discussion

Are you a member of an active book club? Why not select one of Shakespeare's works and discuss it while having English tea and cookies on a random April afternoon?

Listen to a Podcast

Have a hectic life? Always busy and running around? Then listen to a podcast by BBC Radio about Shakespeare. I went to their digital archives and found three episodes that might keep you entertained during that annoying commute...because honestly, who in here actually enjoys a commute?

In Our Time, Shakespeare's Work
In Our Time, Shakespeare's Life
In Our Time - The Tempest

Watch a Movie

It is said that Shakespeare has been the most produced author of all times, so cinema-lovers will have a great opportunity to celebrate Shakespeare month as well. Click here to read an article by The Guardian on the 10 best Shakespearean screen adaptations. Many of these can be found on iTunes or Netflix.

I hope you find these ideas useful and I’d love for you to carry out at least a few. If you do, please drop by and leave a comment about the experience. I’ll be visiting England and Shakespeare's Globe this year and will be back early May to share my experience with you. Until then, happy reading!

Mylene Almeida
Mylene Almeida


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