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Greetings and Welcome!

My name is Mylene and I’m the owner and founder of VIVLYO. Unless you landed on this page by mere accident, I have a strong idea as to why you are here; but you may be wondering the same about me, so please allow me to indulge you.

I cannot remember, hard as I may try, a period in my life when I didn’t love books. Throughout the critical stages of my intellectual formation I ate with them, thought about the world through them, dreamt of the realms I found in them, and slowly came to the irrevocable conclusion that there are few pleasures more edifying and fulfilling than the act of reading. In fact, if I were pressed to choose an equal, only one candidate comes to mind. Art. I could spend my entire life wandering through the galleries of the Louvre surrounded by the fruits of the Rinascimento, or drinking a delicious cappuccino while gazing at The Birth of Venus. My passions were and have been in place for times immemorial, all that was needed was a burst of inspiration.

So on a fateful morning in 2013, while wandering through verdurous Kew Gardens and gazing at a playful conglomeration of daffodils, a tantalizing thought arose; if Wordsworth, drifting through the Lake District, could combine flowers and thoughts to create poetry, why couldn’t I combine literature and my own set of contemplations and cortical connections to generate art. That very day, a dream and a goal came to fruition, and the rest, as they say, is history.

So why am I here? Simple. I am here to help you make your walls come alive with stories. I am here to crystallize your passion for books and learning into tangible explosions of joy and color. But primarily, I am here because for there to be a conclusion there must also be a beginning, and this is my beginning...

Thank you so very much for stopping by and, for goodness’ sake, keep on reading.



Sizing Chart
Literary T-shirt Sizing Chart

Chest (A) 30.5 in
32.5 in
82.5 cm
34.5 in
87.6 cm
36.5 in
92.7 cm
39.5 in
100.3 cm
42.5 in
108 cm
Length (B) 24.75 in
63 cm
25.5 in
64.8 cm
26 in
66 cm
26.5 in
67.3 cm
27.25 in
69.2 cm
28 in
71.1 cm

Chest (C) 38 in
96.5 cm
41 in
104.1 cm
44 in
111.8 cm
48 in
121.9 cm
52 in
132.1 cm
56 in
142.2 cm
Length (D) 28 in
71.1 cm
29 in
73.6 cm
30 in
76.2 cm
31 in
78.7 cm
32 in
81.3 cm
33 in
83.8 cm

Chest (E) 37 in
94 cm
40 in
101.6 cm
43 in
109.2 cm
47 in
119.4 cm
51 in
129.5 cm
Length (F) 28 in
71.1 cm
29 in
73.6 cm
30 in
76.2 cm
31 in
78.7 cm
32 in
81.3 cm
Sleeve Length 26.0in
66 cm
67.3 cm
27.0 in
68.6 cm
27.5 in
70 cm
28 in
71.1 cm

Measurement Notes:
Chest is measured 1" below armhole.
Body length in the front from highest point of shoulder.
Sleeve length from shoulder edge